Nobody Is Looking Out For You


“NOBODY is looking out for you.” Wow, that’s a pretty harsh quote, especially for a website like this, which offers personal finance inspiration.

But if we’re going to do this whole MyRichFuture thing, it’s important we get a dose of cold, hard reality once in a while.

Whether you’re just starting your journey to financial freedom, are well down the road, or have the destination in sight, it’s important to remember that YOU are the one doing this.

Take charge of your own destiny

You want a richer future, right? Well, that’s great. But you need to follow the rules and work at it.

No one is going to do it for you.

Do you think your bosses want you to have more money in the bank than them?

Do you think they will offer encouragement as you aim for early retirement, then wish you well when you sail off into the sunset, while they are stuck with years of soul-sucking work ahead of them?

No, I didn’t think so.

Personally, no-one at my job knows I’m going to retire early. If you’ll forgive the irony, it’s just not a good career move.

That’s also why I publish this website under an assumed name.

I’m quite happy to help you good folks for free, I just don’t want to lose my job over it. At least, not yet.

And there is absolutely no reason why you can’t earn financial independence too.

Note that I said “earn”. It’s not going to be handed to you on a plate.

Much as I would love a huge wage rise to boost my bank balance, I’m not relying on it to achieve my goals.

Despite being a top performer in my job, it’s not certain the company will ever increase my take-home pay.

What is certain is that I can boost my bank balance by living below my means, saving. and investing.

I control that part of my life and every month takes me another step closer to success.

Don’t let The Man keep you down

It’s actually rather fun to stick it to The Man by slowly sawing through the shackles of wage slavery. He has no idea that I’m going to escape very soon.

If you think about it, society in general wants you to keep on working until you’re old and grey. It’s the done thing, after all.

Anyone who retires early is viewed with suspicion at best and disbelief at worst.

Most people simply can’t get their heads around the fact that financial freedom is possible – without winning the lottery.

To be frank, some of them think it must be a scam.

But you and I know different. The fact that you’re here, reading this, proves that.

Besides, you’re not going to win the lottery. Sorry, life isn’t that easy. But you can get the winning numbers.

They’ll be in your bank account.

But nobody is going to put them there except you.


Are you looking after No1 and taking charge of your own journey towards financial freedom? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below acheter du viagra avec paypal. If you found this article helpful, please share it using the Twitter icon.

Simon Saves

I'm a national newspaper journalist for hire who has a passion for personal finance. Currently saving and investing towards my first million. All comments welcome. Follow me on Twitter: @MyRichFuturecom

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3 Responses

  1. I would just love to see the look on your boss’ and colleagues’ faces when you turn up and just quit one day because your stash is enough to live off…

    • Simon, Editor in Chief says:

      Yeah, it will be a bit of a shock to them, to say the least. Then they’ll ask each other: “Just how the hell did he do that?”

  2. Lynn says:

    Great article! I couldn’t agree more! Best wishes on financial freedom!

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