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A global tracker fund simulates the total world investment market.
A global tracker fund takes care of all your equity diversification needs in a single investment product. In this post, we'll explain how to choose the best global tracker fund for you and we'll list our picks from the range of choices on offer. What is a tracker fund? A tracker fund is an investment fund that tracks an index like the FTSE 100 or, in the case of a global tracker, an index such as the FTSE All World. Your money is pooled along with the global tracker's many other participants, and is used by the fund's management team to [...]
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As a landlord, you are always faced with a dilemma about whether to sell or keep renting out your property after there's turnover. As a result, let me go through the pros and cons to help you make the right decision. I use this methodology for tackling some of life's biggest dilemmas in my upcoming book, Buy This, Not That: How To Spend Your Way To Wealth And Freedom. You can check out the latest rent and inflation charts here. [...]
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An image of one man helping another to illustrate how the student loan can help your future finances
The Finumus household is enjoying its first interaction with the student loan scheme in 30 years. Our eldest is (hopefully) off to university in the autumn. Our youngest will be going two years later. Just to keep things interesting, the government is completely overhauling the student loans system for the 2023 intake. Hence we get to do a little natural experiment with our finances. We'll skip over the debate about whether university is a good use of time and money. Our children are going, and that's that. The question for now is: “Should they borrow the money or not?” Enter the student loan Let's first [...]
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Boom! Well, that was kinda sudden! In the three months or so since we last spoke, the world has become an entirely different place – at least for those of us who keep up with any sort of international, financial or stock market news. The headlines are new, and the problems are of course very real. Russia has started one of the biggest, shittiest wars in a generation – killing untold thousands of people, displacing millions, and halting trillions of dollars of production and trade. This has compounded the “everything shortage” of broken supply chains that we have all been feeling for [...]
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The Ermine household decamped to Wales for a few days, near Saundersfoot. Over a decade ago I was halfway through my three-year plan to gain manumission from The Man. The halfway point of any drawn out goal like that is really tough – you have lost the comfort of the port of departure, and are … Continue reading "Fear and loathing in the markets again" [...]
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Hi everyone! Thanks to all of you who pre-order a hard copy of my new book coming out on June 28, 2022 with Portfolio Penguin. If you haven't ordered yet, you can click here to purchase on Amazon or anywhere you like to buy books. I think it's going to be the best personal finance book out there. In this episode, let me share with you 5 reasons why I wrote the book. [...]
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For reasons that escape me, UK financial stocks are massively out of favour. For example, Admiral, one of the UK's largest motor insurers, has a dividend yield of 7.5% at its current share price of £25. That kind of yield is usually reserved for cigar butts and basket cases, so does that describe Admiral, or […] [...]
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Results season is finally over, which means it's time for the first quarterly review of the year. I'll start with short-term performance and then move on to long-term performance, strategy tweaks, recent trades and my outlook for 2022. You can continue reading this article on my new website, [...]
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I use Citywire occasionally, and they spammed me with this breathless noodling. Now don't get me wrong. I share some of their opinion that economically we are in a hole, and until the last couple of months I would say the stock market was overvalued, particularly in tech. However, this is all storytelling, and one … Continue reading "Citywire's miscellaneous marked up moronic musings on market movements" [...]
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Since its launch in December 2018, Gresham House Energy Storage (GRID) has developed the largest energy storage portfolio in the country. It operates 16 utility-scale energy storage sytems with a total combined capacity of 425MW. As we transition from fossil fuel generation to renewables such as wind and solar, we will increasingly need energy storage solutions due to the intermittent nature of renewable energy - the wind doesn't always blow and there's not much solar in the Winter months. Currently we use gas fired generation to fill the gap but we have legislated for net zero carbon emissions by [...]
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This exchange traded fund, launched in 2007, gives investors an opportunity to invest in a range of globally diverse companies involved in renewable energy. The fund joined my portfolio in March 2019 at 433p and has been topped up on a couple of occasions. It is an index fund and tracks the S&P Global Clean Energy Index which, until recently, held just 30 of the world's leading companies in the clean energy sector. However, this concentrated portfolio was problematic and liable to significant imbalances. The index has now been expanded to allow up to 100 holdings and a new methodology [...]
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It has been a good while since we've done a reader case study here on MMM, but that hasn't stopped them from arriving in my inbox. And since 2022 is becoming a year of interesting financial changes, it's time to spark things up again, go back to our roots, and start covering some of the many subjects that are cropping up in this latest incarnation of our economic world. Today's case study deals with family wealth, rapidly rising house prices, and a desire to be generous. What would you do in the following situation? Dear MMM, As long-time readers, we have seen [...]
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2021 has been my third year since I took that initial leap into the FIRE unknown and for me it’s been my biggest year ever for change.  Some good and some not so good.  So with the sun fast setting on 2021 I thought it was time to take stock and write some of this down.  Warning: If you don’t like blog posts that jump around this one may not be for you but if you want to know what FIRE can truly [...]
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I've had a difficult time finding a way to create a new entry on a blog that has essentially been dead since 2015. Yet, I have had a persistent feeling that I owe my readers an update. Consider this an effort to encapsulate the last five or six years into a single post containing fewer than seven eight nine ten thousand thousand words so you can hopefully finish reading it in under half an hour. 2015 I retired early on a shoestring, something called lean-FIRE as dubbed by the early-retirement geeks: a sub 4% withdrawal rate (appx 30Kish a year spend — [...]
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Usually at this time of year I publish a year in review which covers a little of the qualitative and a lot of the quantitative.  Given the year we’ve just had, along with quantitative needs now being significantly lessened given the stage of my FIRE life I’m currently in, I feel it’s worthy to flip that weighting as it really has been a year to both remember and to forget.  Additionally and [...]
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Not much has changed since my Summer Networth update back in June. Work continues to tick along day-to-day although I did manage to negotiate 2 days a week working from home which saves on commute costs and means more time around family. We had an amazing year Matched Betting, with a record monthly high of almost £12,000 back in September. It's been an interesting year with an obvious reduction in sports offers, thankfully I've replaced many of these losses with... Read More Read More The post 2019 End of Year Networth Update appeared first on Early Retirement Guy. [...]
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2019 has been a very long year for me, filled with incredible highs and lows as we welcomed a new addition to the family and said goodbye to another. Personally it is a year I will never forget and one that has kept me very busy. Financially however the year was very boring, so much so that I've neglected to update this site for many months. I maintain my view that good personal finance is boring as hell and I'm... Read More Read More The post 2019 A Year in Review appeared first on Early Retirement Guy. [...]
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Peckham Spring Water
It's that time of the year when ridiculous consumer spending seems to prevail and dominate most peoples lives. This year like others I've tried to avoid unnecessary spending and instead focus on spending quality time with family and friends and giving thoughtful gifts where appropriate. I thought I'd take the time to share a recent story from the office of consumerism gone mad. I recently stumbled into a conversation at work where some colleagues were discussing the saneness of one particular gentlemen in the office. He'd just taken delivery of a bottle of water to his desk from the internal postal [...]
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To pay off the mortgage or to invest? That is the question. It's an often debated question in the world of financial independence and one thats been done to death in blogsphere several times over. In this article I won't go in depth into all of the pros and cons of each side of the argument but instead focus on describing what I do and why. If you're currently debating this issue internally here's a good look at the subject from the ever reliable Monevator. For the lazy amongst you here is a quick summary: Arguments to Overpay Your Mortgage It is equivalent to [...]
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Full quote: “When we win on Nov 8 and elect a Republican Congress, we will immediately repeal and replace Obamacare. ” Made during many, many speeches, a tremendous number of huge speeches, the very best speeches, by U.S. president-elect Donald Trump. You can't always believe what candidates running for office say as they slog through their campaigns — gross exaggeration, pandering, and outright lies are to be expected by all involved — but when it comes to Obamacare, surely it is safe to believe that some real changes are in store for us. Why? Well, it's because the Republican party [...]
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