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Win the small to conquer the big
I recently experienced one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. I'd rank the feeling right up there with getting into college or landing my first job. As a first-time captain, my team won the annual Labor Day weekend softball tourney! There were 40 players, and I was chosen as one of four team captains to do a player draft, make a batting lineup, and decide on fielding positions. This was an exhilarating experience because I had zero experience. I had to do a lot of research in the hot tub about each individual player and figure out how to lead [...]
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What caught my eye this week. Something weird happened on Monday. Maybe it was autumn in the air. Perhaps it was the mounting fears about Brexit inflation pushing up the price of a packet of Pringles. But for a moment the British newspapers caught FIRE. First The Times ran a (pay-walled) interview with The Escape Artist. As fellow blogger Fire V London captured and reported on Twitter it even made that newspaper's venerable leader: (Click to enlarge) Next – within hours – The Daily Mail. It recapped The Times' interview with T.E.A. (and properly linked to both it and T.E.A's blog, unlike the rather ungenerous Times) [...]
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There have been several articles about the collapse of Lehmans in September 2008 and over the past few days I have been casting my mind back to the very different life I was leading a decade ago.Back then I was living and working as member of a community partnership based on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. We owned a large 12 bed manor house set in its own extensive grounds - 18 acres of pasture and woodland overlooking the surrounding villages. It felt like I was living the dream life, far from the madding crowd.Work involved hosting groups of [...]
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When was Financial Samurai started: July 2009
Lessons Learned Since The Financial Crisis really brought me back to the time when Financial Samurai was started in the summer of 2009. I want to use this post to figure out why Financial Samurai has survived all these years. My theory is that launching during a downturn has a lot to do with it. Since I was 12 years old, I wanted to be an entrepreneur because I witnessed the fabulous lifestyles of those who called the shots instead of those who took orders. I just didn't know what to invent. Back in 1989, you actually had to create a [...]
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As part of a move from income to growth following a strategy review earlier this year, I have recently added this global managed investment trust to my SIPP portfolio. (NB not to be confused with the UK income trust Edinburgh IT managed by Mark Barnett)The trusts is part of the Baillie Gifford stable which also includes Scottish Mortgage. It has been managed by Douglas Brodie since 2014.The focus is very much on global smaller companies with an initial market cap. under $5 billion. The trust is widely diversified and at any point the typical portfolio will hold between 75 - [...]
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I'm pleased to announce that Young FI Guy – or The Details Man as we shall now call him around here – has joined Team Monevator as a contributor! He's a former accountant who was financially free by 30. We're jealous, and so we asked him to write about taxes. Few taxes engender controversy like inheritance tax (IHT). Despite it only being paid by around 4% of British estates, it's subject to a great deal of debate. But IHT is a tax that suffers from a lot of misconceptions – and it's sometimes overlooked by those vulnerable to the taxman getting his [...]
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First an announcement: The Pop-up Business school is returning to Longmont this year for two golden weeks in September. Although the free in-person tickets are sold out, we are running a free daily live stream of the highlights, and you should definitely sign up here to join us. … I'd love to retire early, but then what? … Although I retired about thirteen years ago, and continue to be retired, about one year ago I opened up a little business on Main Street here in Longmont, Colorado. It is a multi-purpose gathering space, under the guise of a coworking space, with the typical-for-me [...]
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It's no secret that Personal Finance is a hobby of mine (498 blog posts help reinforce that) and within that hobby I've done a reasonable job of DIY investing myself to FIRE using the knowledge I've gained to focus on a few mechanical principles. I would suggest that this has also been helped by having a “head vs heart” approach to life, a reasonable grasp of maths, gaining a sense of [...]
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Even if you're not into your Greek mythology then you've probably heard of Aphrodite, the Ancient Greek Goddess of love and beauty. The legend goes that she was born from the sea foam here: Click to enlarge, Happy snap of Petra tou Romiou Aphrodite apparently rose from the waves and was escorted on a shell to this beach. That beach and those rock formations are in the Paphos district [...]
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Or should that be Turkeys? It's not looking good for citizens of nowhere these days. Although I don't have their wanderlust, as a rentier I'm now probably part of the managerial aristocracy that's been doing okay out of the TINA world order up to now. Said world order pretty much destroyed my job by first deskilling it and then exporting it to India, but I was lucky enough to be old enough to escape the rat race by sneaking under the falling portcullis. I was never convinced by the theory of the lump of labour fallacy, and figured unrestricted low-wage immigration [...]
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Gratuitous mid-lake selfie from yet another day of nearly-zero-dollar “motor”boating, earlier this week. It was mid July, and I had just finished a sweaty run on the trails which criscross my older sister's farm in Canada. I was overheated and heading straight for their swimming pool when she saw me walking across the lawn. “Oh yeah, please do use the pool! You'll help get my cost per use down because it's still way up there in crazy territory”, she joked. Moments like these are why I love being part of this family. The self-deprecating Spock-like humour where we can make fun of our [...]
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May/June have been really tough months for me and so I was too busy to post an update the end of May. A couple of months ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer, initially it was just a single area however in mid-May we found out it was spreading. My parents have lived abroad for The post June 2018 Networth update appeared first on . [...]
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Regardless of your views on Brexit's ultimate desirability or not, it's likely to bring choppy waters to the UK in the near future. You've heard quite enough of Remainers saying that, but the view is shared by some Brexiters. Take a random look at LeaveHQ's contentAfter all, Britain is about to set up a new startup called UK PLC in the world, and we have good people like Liam Fox and Boris Johnson at the helm, what on earth could go wrong…? In my youth the British elite seemed to be able to screen for competence and eliminate buffoons [...]
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It's already May, the sun is shining and so what better time to take a look back at the past month. Work Work continues to tick on by with increasing predictability. I work in an open plan office but it may as well be 6ft high cubicals on some days. My work has certainly got The post April 2018 Networth update appeared first on . [...]
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Peckham Spring Water
It's that time of the year when ridiculous consumer spending seems to prevail and dominate most peoples lives. This year like others I've tried to avoid unnecessary spending and instead focus on spending quality time with family and friends and giving thoughtful gifts where appropriate. I thought I'd take the time to share a recent story from the office of consumerism gone mad. I recently stumbled into a conversation at work where some colleagues were discussing the saneness of one particular gentlemen in the office. He'd just taken delivery of a bottle of water to his desk from the internal postal [...]
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To pay off the mortgage or to invest? That is the question. It's an often debated question in the world of financial independence and one thats been done to death in blogsphere several times over. In this article I won't go in depth into all of the pros and cons of each side of the argument but instead focus on describing what I do and why. If you're currently debating this issue internally here's a good look at the subject from the ever reliable Monevator. For the lazy amongst you here is a quick summary: Arguments to Overpay Your Mortgage It is equivalent to [...]
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Edited post:This blog has been moved from Blogger to WordPress.The new website can be found at Quietly SavingThanks for stopping by. [...]
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Unbelievable yes, but I got another premium bond win, my second this year! Yay!Ok, so I only won £25 but prior to my win in February, I hadn't won anything in years!It could well be just a massive coincidence that I've started winning ever since I've been regularly buying more premium bonds - my holding is tiny though, only £2,135 and according to this premium bond calculator, if I have 'average luck', I would expect to win just £25 over a year. Let's hope I'll be VERY lucky at some point in the future! In the meantime, I will chuck [...]
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On Thursday morning my boss handed me The Letter.My application for Voluntary Redundancy has been accepted and all the playing with spreadsheets and financial wheeling and dealing I've been doing over the last 2 years turns out to have been completely unnecessary. Early retirement landed on my plate, courtesy of Government cuts, and I finish on 31st March 2016.The group of us who got letters immediately ticked the box and delivered our acceptances to HR en masse. There was something of a party atmosphere going on. We're virtually all long serving older people able to access our pensions early, with [...]
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This time last year I finally gave in and decided to do some Christmas shopping on amazon. (I know the FiRe community is very down on "stuff" but everyone has to spend a little on it at Christmas don't they?) This capitulation followed several months of trying to do the right thing and boycott them due to their tax avoidance (their treatment of employees being allegedly none too great either.)I had been buying at local independent bookshops and feeling much better for it, but Christmas loomed, time was short, amazon deliveries are generally timely and prices competitive. I took [...]
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