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What caught my eye this week. Hard to make this sound anything like a (not paid for) plug, but I'm sure our many readers who've been waiting for it will all want to know that Vanguard is finally ready to take your money into its Personal Pension (SIPP). I covered the main features of Vanguard's SIPP back in December, so won't repeat that again. Instead here's a couple of other articles that have run to mark the launch. From ThisIsMoney: Jeremy Fawcett, head of Platforum, said the Vanguard Personal Pension's competitiveness compared with Sipps offered by 14 other leading platforms across a range of [...]
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I write the regular Dividend Hunter column for Master Investor magazine, and in the February issue I wrote about sustainable dividend growth and how to identify it. In almost all cases, long-term dividend growth is unsustainable without earnings growth, earnings growth is unsustainable without revenue growth and revenue growth is unsustainable without capital employed growth. […] [...]
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The investment trust was launched in 2013 and gives investors an opportunity to tap into the European renewable energy sector - wind, solar and battery storage. They aim to generate sustainable returns from a diversified portfolio of renewables infrastructure that contribute towards a zero-carbon future.It has grown steadily over the past seven years, from £300m at launch to become one of the largest funds in the renewable infrastructure sector with a current market cap. of £2.2bn. The shares were first purchased for my portfolio just after the results were announced last year and topped up with discounted shares from the [...]
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An Escher painting showing houses distorting as a metaphor for seeing mortgages through different financial lenses.
Wealth warning: Interest-only mortgages are like power tools – useful in the right hands but capable of chopping them off. If you're not sure you'll stay interested in your finances for three decades, avoid! Get a repayment mortgage and keep life simple. I have an interest-only mortgage. This confession causes some friends – and Monevator readers – to gasp. Am I not a financial blogger? Don't I know interest-only mortgages are risky? Weren't they associated with the financial crisis? “Are you nuts?” I have my moments, but I'm mostly a responsible sort. And I believe interest-only mortgages are not as toxic as their off-ish [...]
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In this article I calculate the cyclically adjusted PE ratio (CAPE) for the FTSE 100, compare the current value to its historic average and forecast the index's expected value in 2030. Updating the FTSE 100's CAPE ratio for 2020 Robert Shiller's CAPE ratio is one of the best long-term valuation ratios we have. It's much […] [...]
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Over the past year or so, the global climate emergency has risen to the top of the political agenda. Every day we are reminded of the effects of a gradually warming world - wildfires in California and Australia, hurricanes and typhoons, closer to home the widespread flooding in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire at the end of last year. Currently, disruption from storm Ciara with winds gusting up to 95 mph and widespread flooding and 200 flood warning issued by the environment agency.More and more school children are taking to the streets every Friday and Extinction Rebellion captured the headlines for [...]
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Cherish life. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. [...]
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Mr Money Mustache Car
Purchases like this really blow my budget. These days, I do a fair amount of informal financial coaching for both old friends and newer acquaintances. It's a pretty amazing experience, almost as if I were a real doctor – people let down their guard and talk about the details of their financial lives, without the usual hangups and secrecy that tend to plague our society when it comes to the subject of money. Often, even taking this first step is a huge leap towards creating a more wealthy and prosperous life. Money conversations are not something we should reserve only [...]
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I'm going to have a grumpy old man rant here, but consumerism is getting evil. Any Sonos buyer renter should be made to play Life For Rent as the first confirmation their expensive new kit works, and to remind them they have a lease on it for about five years. Because despite what you may think, you don't buy Sonos gear. You rent it for a one off purchase cost, and get an indeterminate term of usage. They get to switch your kit off at a time of their choosing. if my life is for rent Sonos is an egregious example of [...]
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Here are all the reasons why I'm an early retirement failure. It was a good 8-year run, but all good things must come to an end! Read the post here. [...]
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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – not Albert Einstein as I always thought but actually Rita Mae Brown 2019 represented my first full year of FIRE, albeit with a slip-up back to FI during the year, which was then later corrected. Despite a lot of my pre-FIRE posts being financial in nature finances actually occupied very little of my mind [...]
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Monevator has a diverting ding-dong started last year that tried to split off the financial independence from the retire early part. I get it, nobody should be made to retire early if they don't want to. I didn't take part in it because much of it was a rhetorical construct. In the end being FI is necessary for you to retire, but it's not sufficient reason. If you don't want to retire, well, just don't. This is a particular case of the general question how does one live well? This has occupied philosophers and religions since we found ways to have the [...]
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It's now a little over 8 years ago that I started to build my UK High Yield Portfolio (HYP). It was a much talked about strategy back in the Motley Fool forum days and today still gets plenty of attention on the Lemon Fool forums today. I built the portfolio between November 2011 and July 2015 by which time I'd amassed 17 shares across multiple sectors. That included a token amount of Royal [...]
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— First some great news: because of your support in reading and sharing this blog, it has been able to earn quite a lot of income and give away over $300,000 so far. The latest $100k of that happens at the end of this article. Please check it out if you want to feel good, learn more, and even join me in helping out the world a bit. — As I type this, there are only a few days left in the 2010s, and holy shit what a decade it has been. Ten years ago, a 35 year old MMM and the former [...]
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Peckham Spring Water
It's that time of the year when ridiculous consumer spending seems to prevail and dominate most peoples lives. This year like others I've tried to avoid unnecessary spending and instead focus on spending quality time with family and friends and giving thoughtful gifts where appropriate. I thought I'd take the time to share a recent story from the office of consumerism gone mad. I recently stumbled into a conversation at work where some colleagues were discussing the saneness of one particular gentlemen in the office. He'd just taken delivery of a bottle of water to his desk from the internal postal [...]
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To pay off the mortgage or to invest? That is the question. It's an often debated question in the world of financial independence and one thats been done to death in blogsphere several times over. In this article I won't go in depth into all of the pros and cons of each side of the argument but instead focus on describing what I do and why. If you're currently debating this issue internally here's a good look at the subject from the ever reliable Monevator. For the lazy amongst you here is a quick summary: Arguments to Overpay Your Mortgage It is equivalent to [...]
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Full quote: “When we win on Nov 8 and elect a Republican Congress, we will immediately repeal and replace Obamacare. ” Made during many, many speeches, a tremendous number of huge speeches, the very best speeches, by U.S. president-elect Donald Trump. You can't always believe what candidates running for office say as they slog through their campaigns — gross exaggeration, pandering, and outright lies are to be expected by all involved — but when it comes to Obamacare, surely it is safe to believe that some real changes are in store for us. Why? Well, it's because the Republican party [...]
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Quick disclaimer: I can't recommend that readers perform the actions I've taken, so be aware while reading I'm not suggesting that everyone should follow my lead here. Please don't, at least not before carefully thinking through the implications. Most people implement alternate solutions to solving their own moral dilemmas caused by index investing. (There are tons of good suggestions in the comments.) Another mass shooting here in America occurred last weekend, the worst ever, half a hundred dead, a like number wounded, all caused by one crazy asshole unleashing not exactly unimaginable horror on innocents. Of course, it's not unimaginable [...]
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Edited post:This blog has been moved from Blogger to WordPress.The new website can be found at Quietly SavingThanks for stopping by. [...]
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Unbelievable yes, but I got another premium bond win, my second this year! Yay!Ok, so I only won £25 but prior to my win in February, I hadn't won anything in years!It could well be just a massive coincidence that I've started winning ever since I've been regularly buying more premium bonds - my holding is tiny though, only £2,135 and according to this premium bond calculator, if I have 'average luck', I would expect to win just £25 over a year. Let's hope I'll be VERY lucky at some point in the future! In the meantime, I will chuck [...]
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