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Long-term capital gains tax rates by income for single filers
If you need more incentive to generate passive income in order to give yourselves more freedom to do what you want, then look no further than the below two charts. The short-term capital gains tax rate is equivalent to your federal marginal income tax rate. Once you hold your investments for longer than a year, the long-term capital gains tax rate kicks in and goes way down. Capital Gains Tax Rates By Income For Singles If you're single, the largest tax spread difference between short-term and long-term is if you make $200,001 – $425,800 in capital gains. We're talking a 20% lower tax [...]
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Many of the ethical and socially responsible funds use a simple screen to avoid the so called 'sin stocks' such as tobacco, arms trade, pornography and environmental polluters for example. This is a good start but I believe the industry needs to go further and apply a positive screening process to identify those companies which are making an effort to tackle some of the challenges we face in a positive way.Baillie Gifford launched their Positive Change fund in 2017. It is designed to contribute towards a more sustainable world for future generations and also provide a decent return for investors. [...]
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Weekend reading: An ethical quandary post image
What caught my eye this week. A short while ago the UK blogger DIY Investor wrote passionately about the threat of climate change. He's now put money into the Impax Environmental Investment trust in part to do something about it: As I was writing my article on climate change recently, I must admit to a feeling of guilt that I did not hold a ‘green' fund in my portfolio. I have some reservations regarding this sector and suspect many funds are not really as green as they make out. However some are clearly better than others [and] I think that being aware of a [...]
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Why $5 million is barely enough to retire early with a family
When toddlers close their eyes, they think other people can't see them. But I wouldn't expect grown adults to think the same way. Despite half the United States population living in expensive coastal cities and other high-cost areas of the country, there is somehow disbelief and even outrage a family might need multiple millions, let alone $5 million dollars, in order to retire early comfortably. I recognize the attractiveness of lower cost areas, hence why I've aggressively invested in the heartland of America. Migration to the heartland is a multi-decade trend I want to be a part of. But I hope more [...]
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As I was writing my article on climate change recently, I must admit to a feeling of guilt that I did not hold a 'green' fund in my portfolio. I have some reservations regarding this sector and suspect many funds are not really as green as they make out however some are clearly better than others. I think that being aware of a potential problem brings with it a responsibility to do something positive. So, time to make amends.The transition to a more sustainable global economy is being driven by the pressures on governments and business to respond to climate [...]
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The path of a pendulum in chaos theory. Markets are similarly (un)predicitable.
Whether you're only now peaking out from behind the sofa or you've been investing passively like a trooper and refusing to look at your portfolio until Boxing Day, if you're reading this site you've probably seen headlines implicating US bond yields in the recent assault and battery on the stock market. For example: Surging yields raise threat of tipping point for stocks – Wall Street Journal Here's why stock-market investors suddenly freaked out over rising bond yields – MarketWatch Treasury yields are increasing again, reigniting concerns about higher rates in financial markets – CNBC Are pundits in this game of financial Cluedo right to finger [...]
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I read my first copy of Richard Bolles' seminal job-hunting tome What Color is your Parachute in the late 1990s. The big cheeses at The Firm had decided to move away from research, and out of electronics towards development and software. I was wondering if I should stay with my first love, which was electronics design, or stay with the Firm.1 Parachute is a great resource and a good read. At the heart its message is as old as the Delphic Oracle itself – know thyself. Around that message, however, is a good periphery of tactics and perspective. There is only [...]
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Latchi, Cyprus at dusk With my work notice period now nearing completion I'm actually a little surprised at the calm in the RIT household. Hopefully this means we believe we are reasonably well prepared and probably more importantly means that we still believe we are doing the right thing. At work we're just completing 2019 plans and I'm not excited by any of it which is a new feeling for [...]
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Fig 1: Suze Orman's opinion of our lifestyle, as captured in a crazy interview on Paula Pant's Afford Anything podcast. In case you hadn't already noticed it in the news, it seems we are hitting a turning point in how the rest of the world perceives this lifestyle that you and I have been enjoying. First, we were ignored. Then, there were a few stories that just focused on the strange lives of Mr. Money Mustache a few other freaky magicians, cataloging our feats of extreme frugality like “spending less than 100% of your money on a car” or “occasionally [...]
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Escapism seems to be the norm, people have got back from their hols and the rude awakening of life back at the office makes for good newspaper copy. It seems the Torygraph is working on this sort of thing, and let's hear it from the Grauniad – …the secret to never having to work again – but does it work for everyone? Ah bless 'em. There are people who get to live in London and retire early. They aren't the Guardian media types, though, who asked themselves this question and failed to detect yes in the echo from the walls of the [...]
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I'd love to retire early, but then what? … Although I retired about thirteen years ago, and continue to be retired, about one year ago I opened up a little business on Main Street here in Longmont, Colorado. It is a multi-purpose gathering space, under the guise of a coworking space, with the typical-for-me grandiose name of “Mr. Money Mustache Headquarters”. Or, MMM-HQ for short. At the time, I wrote a blog post about it, and promised to keep you updated on how it was going. Since then, many people have been asking for updates. Approximately one group of random roadtripping Mustachian [...]
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It's no secret that Personal Finance is a hobby of mine (498 blog posts help reinforce that) and within that hobby I've done a reasonable job of DIY investing myself to FIRE using the knowledge I've gained to focus on a few mechanical principles. I would suggest that this has also been helped by having a “head vs heart” approach to life, a reasonable grasp of maths, gaining a sense of [...]
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May/June have been really tough months for me and so I was too busy to post an update the end of May. A couple of months ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer, initially it was just a single area however in mid-May we found out it was spreading. My parents have lived abroad for The post June 2018 Networth update appeared first on . [...]
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It's already May, the sun is shining and so what better time to take a look back at the past month. Work Work continues to tick on by with increasing predictability. I work in an open plan office but it may as well be 6ft high cubicals on some days. My work has certainly got The post April 2018 Networth update appeared first on . [...]
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Peckham Spring Water
It's that time of the year when ridiculous consumer spending seems to prevail and dominate most peoples lives. This year like others I've tried to avoid unnecessary spending and instead focus on spending quality time with family and friends and giving thoughtful gifts where appropriate. I thought I'd take the time to share a recent story from the office of consumerism gone mad. I recently stumbled into a conversation at work where some colleagues were discussing the saneness of one particular gentlemen in the office. He'd just taken delivery of a bottle of water to his desk from the internal postal [...]
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To pay off the mortgage or to invest? That is the question. It's an often debated question in the world of financial independence and one thats been done to death in blogsphere several times over. In this article I won't go in depth into all of the pros and cons of each side of the argument but instead focus on describing what I do and why. If you're currently debating this issue internally here's a good look at the subject from the ever reliable Monevator. For the lazy amongst you here is a quick summary: Arguments to Overpay Your Mortgage It is equivalent to [...]
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Edited post:This blog has been moved from Blogger to WordPress.The new website can be found at Quietly SavingThanks for stopping by. [...]
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Unbelievable yes, but I got another premium bond win, my second this year! Yay!Ok, so I only won £25 but prior to my win in February, I hadn't won anything in years!It could well be just a massive coincidence that I've started winning ever since I've been regularly buying more premium bonds - my holding is tiny though, only £2,135 and according to this premium bond calculator, if I have 'average luck', I would expect to win just £25 over a year. Let's hope I'll be VERY lucky at some point in the future! In the meantime, I will chuck [...]
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On Thursday morning my boss handed me The Letter.My application for Voluntary Redundancy has been accepted and all the playing with spreadsheets and financial wheeling and dealing I've been doing over the last 2 years turns out to have been completely unnecessary. Early retirement landed on my plate, courtesy of Government cuts, and I finish on 31st March 2016.The group of us who got letters immediately ticked the box and delivered our acceptances to HR en masse. There was something of a party atmosphere going on. We're virtually all long serving older people able to access our pensions early, with [...]
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This time last year I finally gave in and decided to do some Christmas shopping on amazon. (I know the FiRe community is very down on "stuff" but everyone has to spend a little on it at Christmas don't they?) This capitulation followed several months of trying to do the right thing and boycott them due to their tax avoidance (their treatment of employees being allegedly none too great either.)I had been buying at local independent bookshops and feeling much better for it, but Christmas loomed, time was short, amazon deliveries are generally timely and prices competitive. I took [...]
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